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Antoni Gaudi - Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi

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Antoni Gaudi (1852 - 1926) is considered to be an architect with international reach. He broke away from historical styles and, instead, brought about the creation of a new artistic language. His most notable works include: the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, the Batlló house and Casa Milá. Seven of his works, together, have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Guadi was an architect with an innate sense of geometry and volume, as well as a great imaginative ability that allowed him to mentally project the majority of his works before drawing out the plans. In fact, he rarely did detailed drawings of his works, preferring to use three-dimensional models, molding all the details as they came into his head. At other times, he simply improvised as he went along, giving instructions to his staff about what they had to do.

Guadi's architecture is marked by a strong personal stamp. He was constantly searching for new architectural solutions. His life was devoted to the analysis of the optimal structure of buildings and how to integrate them into their environment. By studying and practicing new and original solutions, Gaudi's work culminated in an organic style, inspired by nature. He succeeded in creating an architectural style that perfectly combined tradition and innovation. His work is notably influenced by his four great passions in life: architecture, nature, religion, and love for Catalonia.